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Making Exercise Enjoyable: How to Keep That ‘Get Fit’ Resolution

It's that time of year again: the time of resolutions, 'new year, new me', diets and gym memberships. We all feel a bit rubbish after Christmas - eating endless roast dinners, cheese and chocolate will do that to you -... Continue Reading →


8 Musicians to Look Out For in 2018

As one year draws to a close, it's natural to look ahead to the future and ask what lays ahead. This is the same case in music: it's almost impossible to predict who will be the next big hit and... Continue Reading →

Party Cocktails for NYE

The mad rush of Christmas has finally ended, and you're probably looking forward to a few days of unwinding and overindulging before the harsh realities of January arrive. Although the presents has been given, the turkey demolished and Santa is... Continue Reading →

The Best Christmas Episodes of All Time

Is there anything quite like plonking in front of the TV at Christmas after eating one mince pie too many? Television has for decades been a key part of Christmas, with families coming together to watch the likes of the... Continue Reading →

Christmas Party Style

Ah, Christmas. It's the season of overindulging on basically everything: food, alcohol, gifts, and fun. It's also the season of celebrating, whether it's the annual office party, a fancy winter ball or just a family reunion over roast dinner. With... Continue Reading →

Merry Music: Pick of the Christmas Songs

There's something about a Christmas song which immediately makes it one hundred times better than a regular song. Maybe it's because it's only socially acceptable to listen to them for one month of the year; maybe it's because it's virtually... Continue Reading →

Festive Treats at Birmingham Christmas Market

In recent years, festive markets have become incredibly popular. Cities and towns across the country have their own variations on the Christmas market, but you can usually find a host of festive treats, handcrafted gifts and a wonderfully Christmas atmosphere.... Continue Reading →

Music and the Mersey: A week in Liverpool

We have all heard of Liverpool, thanks to one particularly famous band that hailed from there, and we've likely come across the unique Scouse accent in our lives. However, with the likes of huge cities like London and Manchester to... Continue Reading →

Peaky Blinders: Bigger, Better and Brum-ier Than Ever?

Without a doubt, Peaky Blinders is one of the best dramas to come out of the UK in recent year. While the show might get forgotten about amidst titans like Game of Thrones and Westworld, there's no denying how successful the show has been. More... Continue Reading →

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