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Lovesick: A Review

Lovesick was one of those shows I'd heard whispers about, but never gone out of my way to investigate what it was, never mind devote hours of my time to watching it. However, having run out of TV shows to watch... Continue Reading →


Songs to Get You Excited for Summer

If you're lucky, you'll have been basking in the glorious sunshine that we've been given this week, with the remnants of one of most freezing winters I've ever known slowly fading away. And it's about time too - we're at... Continue Reading →

Workout Gear to Get Excited About

I've spoken previously on this blog about how important I think exercise is - there's honestly nothing better for making you feel good, improving your mental health, and removing the guilt from when you delve into a bar of chocolate... Continue Reading →

Inside My Make-Up Bag

I'm a very strong believer that nobody should ever feel like they have to wear make-up: but for a lot of people, it can be a great confidence boost and can actually be quite a fun thing to put on. I'm definitely... Continue Reading →

A Weekend in Amsterdam

There's plenty of reasons why Amsterdam makes a popular getaway for so many of us Brits: it's less than an hour's flight away, it's relatively cheap and there's plenty to do. However, some of the reasons people are attracted to... Continue Reading →

The Best Easter Treats

For most of us, Easter means one important thing: summer is upon us. Yes, it's only March, but we've almost seen the back of the cruel, cold winter, and the promise of sun, longer days and being able to store... Continue Reading →

St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails

Happy (almost) St. Patrick's Day! St. Patrick's Day is an occasion for many things: celebrating Ireland, celebrating saints, wearing as much green as you can possibly find and blasting B*wiched like it's still 1997. But, more famously than anything else,... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Fictional Mums

It's very nearly the time of year where we celebrate mums across the world: Mothering Sunday. With just a few days to go until the big day, you're hopefully ready to spoil your mum rotten and show your appreciation for... Continue Reading →

International Women’s Day: Why Should We Celebrate It?

The 8th of March marks International Women's Day - a day in which we celebrate women all over the world. However, each year, among posts championing the power of women, you will no doubt see people questioning why such a... Continue Reading →

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