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Netflix Original ‘n’ Chill: The best Netflix films so far

There has been a well-known shift from standard TV channels and DVDs towards digital streaming in the way we consume our favourite movies and shows. Netflix came along a few years ago and completely revolutionized the way we watch things,... Continue Reading →


A Weekend in: Lincoln

If you have tuned into the news over the past week or so, the chances are you’ll have seen horror stories about mass queues at Heathrow, weather warnings for Italy and Spain and poor exchange rates. As much as we... Continue Reading →

Game of Thrones Mid-Season Review

Ah, Game of Thrones. A TV show that embodies the motto "treat 'em mean to keep them keen". You made us wait 15 months for a new series, and a shorter series at that, but we still love you - and we... Continue Reading →

10 Things to Learn in Your Twenties

Almost exactly a year ago, I left university, ending three years' of eating takeaway, drinking on weeknights and lie-ins, as well as essentially a lifetime of education. This year, many other young people will being doing the same. It's an... Continue Reading →

“Mozart in a Go-Kart”: A Review of ‘Baby Driver’

Summer is here, which also means the summer blockbusters are here. I’ll admit it takes a lot for me to get excited about a film (and this from a girl who used to watch every Twilight movie on its opening... Continue Reading →

GLOW: Netflix’s Underdog Drama

The chances are that you'll have heard of GLOW, Netflix's latest show, at least in passing, but you've perhaps not given it a chance yet. Unlike some of Netflix's other dramas, GLOW doesn't boast a cast of massive household names... Continue Reading →

Summer Reads

We are officially in peak holiday mode: the school term is almost over, you’ve booked your time off work and it seems like the whole world and its neighbour are jetting off to some exotic destination. When it comes to... Continue Reading →

Glastonbury 2017 Highlights

This time a week ago, I had embarked on my very first visit to Glastonbury, one of the biggest (and best) music festivals in the world. If you haven’t been before, I can confirm Glastonbury is as massive and as... Continue Reading →

A Lesson in Feminism from Love Island 2017

For the last few summers, one programme has dominated TV screens and conversations alike: Love Island. For the uninitiated, Love Island is a reality TV show in which a group of extremely attractive singletons are thrown into a villa in... Continue Reading →

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