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Game of Thrones Mid-Season Review

Ah, Game of Thrones. A TV show that embodies the motto "treat 'em mean to keep them keen". You made us wait 15 months for a new series, and a shorter series at that, but we still love you - and we... Continue Reading →

GLOW: Netflix’s Underdog Drama

The chances are that you'll have heard of GLOW, Netflix's latest show, at least in passing, but you've perhaps not given it a chance yet. Unlike some of Netflix's other dramas, GLOW doesn't boast a cast of massive household names... Continue Reading →

A Lesson in Feminism from Love Island 2017

For the last few summers, one programme has dominated TV screens and conversations alike: Love Island. For the uninitiated, Love Island is a reality TV show in which a group of extremely attractive singletons are thrown into a villa in... Continue Reading →

House of Cards Series 5 Review: Is the House Falling?

To say the release of House of Cards Series 5 is timely would be an understatement. Following a power-hungry, controversial American president, the latest series has an irony that will half make you want to laugh and half make you want... Continue Reading →

Flashback Friday: Revisiting My Mad Fat Diary

If you have happened to watch Channel 4 or any of its sister channels in the last week or two, you probably will have seen that the latest ‘blast from the past’ boxset they’ve been pushing has been 90’s teen... Continue Reading →

Sex, Lies and Perception: A Review of ‘The Affair’

Having made my way through the likes of Westworld, American Crime Story and The Crown in recent months, and having been made to wait what seems like an eternity for any new Game of Thrones, I decided a few weeks... Continue Reading →

A Love Affair with Trashy TV

I write this post now with a confession to make: I enjoy reality TV. Made in Chelsea is quite often the only thing that gets me through Monday. I know the names of nearly everyone in The Only Way is... Continue Reading →

Skins’ 10th Anniversary: What Legacy Did It Really Leave?

In case you’ve been living under a rock and nobody told you already, last week TV show Skins turned 10. For many, Skins signals a sentimental time, when we were young and impressionable and nobody seemed cooler than Tony Stonem... Continue Reading →

The Undateables and First Dates: Why the Separation?

Since the start of the New Year, my Monday nights have been filled with a double-bill of dating in the form of The Undateables and First Dates Hotel on Channel 4. With everyone suffering from the January blues, these two shows seem to provide... Continue Reading →

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