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Festive Treats at Birmingham Christmas Market

In recent years, festive markets have become incredibly popular. Cities and towns across the country have their own variations on the Christmas market, but you can usually find a host of festive treats, handcrafted gifts and a wonderfully Christmas atmosphere.... Continue Reading →


Music and the Mersey: A week in Liverpool

We have all heard of Liverpool, thanks to one particularly famous band that hailed from there, and we've likely come across the unique Scouse accent in our lives. However, with the likes of huge cities like London and Manchester to... Continue Reading →

A Weekend in: Lincoln

If you have tuned into the news over the past week or so, the chances are you’ll have seen horror stories about mass queues at Heathrow, weather warnings for Italy and Spain and poor exchange rates. As much as we... Continue Reading →

10 Things to Learn in Your Twenties

Almost exactly a year ago, I left university, ending three years' of eating takeaway, drinking on weeknights and lie-ins, as well as essentially a lifetime of education. This year, many other young people will being doing the same. It's an... Continue Reading →

First Post: Five Days in New York

So, this is my first ever post on the blog and I think I've chosen a meaty enough topic for it: the Big Apple itself, New York! I took my first ever trip to New York at the start of... Continue Reading →

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