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Festival Tips

If you love music, the chances are you've even attended or dreamed of attending a festival. Over the summer, festivals are the big things to attend: whether it's a small festival in your town, a big music festival like Glastonbury,... Continue Reading →


Songs to Get You Excited for Summer

If you're lucky, you'll have been basking in the glorious sunshine that we've been given this week, with the remnants of one of most freezing winters I've ever known slowly fading away. And it's about time too - we're at... Continue Reading →

8 Musicians to Look Out For in 2018

As one year draws to a close, it's natural to look ahead to the future and ask what lays ahead. This is the same case in music: it's almost impossible to predict who will be the next big hit and... Continue Reading →

Merry Music: Pick of the Christmas Songs

There's something about a Christmas song which immediately makes it one hundred times better than a regular song. Maybe it's because it's only socially acceptable to listen to them for one month of the year; maybe it's because it's virtually... Continue Reading →

“A modern day Elvis”: A Review of George Michael’s Freedom

On Christmas Day 2016, news hit the whole world that George Michael had passed away, aged 53. Almost ten months on, you would expect this news to have sunk in, but for his many fans and those who, like me,... Continue Reading →

Summer Songs from Yesteryear

I have previously written on this blog about how much music seems to play in our summers, whether it's at seeing your favourite band at a festival, dancing to old school classics on a night-out or just creating the ideal... Continue Reading →

Glastonbury 2017 Highlights

This time a week ago, I had embarked on my very first visit to Glastonbury, one of the biggest (and best) music festivals in the world. If you haven’t been before, I can confirm Glastonbury is as massive and as... Continue Reading →

Songs of Summer 2017

We've made it. After what feels like an eternity of cold fronts, dark evenings and winter clothing, summer is officially here. We've had (largely) nice weather and it's now possible to leave the house without having to cover every inch... Continue Reading →

Music of 2016: 16 of the Year’s Best Songs

As 2017 comes rushing towards us, it’s the time of year to reflect on the past 12 months. 2016 was a complicated year, to put it lightly, with the deaths of multiple icons, Brexit, the unfortunate victory of Trump, bringing... Continue Reading →

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