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10 Things to Learn in Your Twenties

Almost exactly a year ago, I left university, ending three years' of eating takeaway, drinking on weeknights and lie-ins, as well as essentially a lifetime of education. This year, many other young people will being doing the same. It's an... Continue Reading →

A Guide to Father’s Day

Sunday, June 18th marks the day we celebrate fathers all over the UK, meaning us children have to dig into our pockets to find some sort of way to appropriately show our appreciation to our father figures. In my personal... Continue Reading →

Conquering Summer with Style

If you're from England or anywhere that suffers a similar climate, you will appreciate the challenge of summer. We spend months trying to put on as many layers as possible and invest in chunky knitwear, stylish-but-practical coats and dresses that... Continue Reading →

National Vegetarian Week: Tales from a Newly-Qualified Veggie

This week marks the beginning of National Vegetarian Week, a week where we are all encouraged to say “no” to meat and celebrate the world of vegetarian alternatives out there. Having recently become a vegetarian myself, I am 100% on... Continue Reading →

Are You Beach-Body Ready (And Why Do We Even Need to Be)?

We are now in the suitable period before summer where we can get excited for holidays, plan all the amazing things we're going to do and optimistically prepare ourselves for months of sunshine, relaxation and adventure. On the same note,... Continue Reading →

Deciding Your Whole Life in Your Twenties

I start this post with a word of warning: this is not an advice piece, but more of a pondering over the enormity of life choices we face as young people. If I knew any of the answers, I would... Continue Reading →

Is It Time to Give Your Life a Spring Clean?

April is the month where we see spring come into full bloom: farms are full of baby animals, the evenings are light at last, and the outside transforms from bare trees and dull skies to blossoming flowers and the promise... Continue Reading →

Bring on the Chocolate: How to Make the Most of Easter

The beginning of April is a joyous time for many. The clocks have gone back and, while nobody appreciated the loss of precious sleep-time when it happened, we definitely can appreciate the lighter mornings. The weather is warmer and there’s... Continue Reading →

For the Love of Mothers: Why Celebrating Your Mum Is So Important

In the UK, the fourth Sunday of Lent marks Mothering Sunday, taking place this year on the 26th of March. In many other countries, like the US, their own Mother’s Day will take place on 14th May. But regardless of... Continue Reading →

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