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Top 10 Fictional Mums

It's very nearly the time of year where we celebrate mums across the world: Mothering Sunday. With just a few days to go until the big day, you're hopefully ready to spoil your mum rotten and show your appreciation for... Continue Reading →


Movie Review: Call Me By Your Name

If you have the fortune/misfortune of following me on any platform of social media, you'll have likely heard me talking about Call Me By Your Name. And if you haven't heard me talking about it, you'll likely have heard someone else... Continue Reading →

“A modern day Elvis”: A Review of George Michael’s Freedom

On Christmas Day 2016, news hit the whole world that George Michael had passed away, aged 53. Almost ten months on, you would expect this news to have sunk in, but for his many fans and those who, like me,... Continue Reading →

10 Halloween Movies for Scaredy-Cats

When it comes to Halloween, there are a few things that are a given: dressing up in costumes, avoiding the trick-or-treaters at the door, eating too many sweets, a themed week on the X Factor and watching a really scary film. A... Continue Reading →

Netflix Original ‘n’ Chill: The best Netflix films so far

There has been a well-known shift from standard TV channels and DVDs towards digital streaming in the way we consume our favourite movies and shows. Netflix came along a few years ago and completely revolutionized the way we watch things,... Continue Reading →

“Mozart in a Go-Kart”: A Review of ‘Baby Driver’

Summer is here, which also means the summer blockbusters are here. I’ll admit it takes a lot for me to get excited about a film (and this from a girl who used to watch every Twilight movie on its opening... Continue Reading →

Magic, Murtlaps and Muggles (I mean No-Majs!): A Review of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Did you know the last Harry Potter film came out five years ago? Yep, that's how old we all are. Though Harry Potter may be a distant memory for us all, the good thing about the franchise if that there's... Continue Reading →

Feminism On Screen: Fictional Female Bosses

Feminism is a topic I’ve written about before on this blog, and will no doubt continue to write about again: in fact, it’s a topic that’s quite hard to avoid talking about. Despite the hammerings feminism can take in our... Continue Reading →

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