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10 Things to Learn in Your Twenties

Almost exactly a year ago, I left university, ending three years' of eating takeaway, drinking on weeknights and lie-ins, as well as essentially a lifetime of education. This year, many other young people will being doing the same. It's an... Continue Reading →


Deciding Your Whole Life in Your Twenties

I start this post with a word of warning: this is not an advice piece, but more of a pondering over the enormity of life choices we face as young people. If I knew any of the answers, I would... Continue Reading →

Can Charisma Be Taught? A Book Review of ‘The Charisma Myth’

Self-help books have become a well-known resource for those looking for solutions to the issues in their life. Titles like ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ and ‘Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus’ are instantly recogniseable, even... Continue Reading →

The Graduate Job Search Continued: How to Get The Job You Want

My last blog post focused on the eternal struggles of final year university life, and how you get a head-start on the graduate job search even when drowning in a sea of course deadlines, hangovers and arguing with your landlord.... Continue Reading →

Dispelling the Panic of the Graduate Job Search

We’re nearly in March, which for many means the beginning of the road to summer and the promise of warmer weather (by which I mean a bit less rain and not having to wear a coat). However, if you’re a... Continue Reading →

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