14202759_10154452403554417_3151403077419750732_nWelcome to my blog! I’m Shannon, a 21-year-old English graduate from the East Midlands. I’ve been in love with writing from a young age, and have been lucky enough to have numerous work experience placements at various newspapers, magazines and radio stations. I’ve been even more lucky to find a postgraduate job that allows me to write and take photographs every day. With this love of writing, it seemed to make sense that, despite being very late to game, I should start a blog to talk about everything and anything that interests me (and that’s a lot of stuff)… and here we are! On this blog, you’ll find all the things that interest me: fashion, make-up, TV, music, books, travel, food, going out, lifestyle, cats, puns (maybe you could tell that from the title!),and everything few and far between. I’ll also put tips of things I’ve found helpful in life, whether relating to work or play. If you enjoy this blog, be sure to comment, like, or give me a follow on social media. I’ll always take feedback and suggestions on board so don’t hesitate to get in touch!