Sunday, June 18th marks the day we celebrate fathers all over the UK, meaning us children have to dig into our pockets to find some sort of way to appropriately show our appreciation to our father figures. In my personal experience, one benefit of father’s day is that dads are usually a lot easier to buy for than mothers on mother’s day – but it’s still not a walk in the park picking the perfect present for the day. With Father’s Day now approaching in just two days’ time, I’ve compiled this guide of gifts, treats and days out to help you find the ideal last-minute way to show your dad just how important he is, no matter what his interests are.

The Tech Dad

If he doesn’t pretend to know all about the latest technology, even when he doesn’t have a clue, is he even your dad? Dads tend to appreciate the finest things in life when it comes to tech – we’re talking Blu-Ray over regular DVDs, vinyl over CDs ‘for the quality’ and TVs with as many inches as possible. Luckily, Red5 are home to all the best, most unique techy bits you can find, so there’s sure to be something to keep dad happy. This Smartphone Projector  is particularly cool, allowing him to watch films, TV episode and, of course, YouTube videos straight from his phone in full size. There’s also this speaker, which will allow your dad to blast his 80’s music in its deserved quality, as well as offer a visual light show. If your dad is a little more on the geeky side, he might also enjoy a mini arcade game or perhaps a laser keyboard to really release his inner James Bond. Red5 also offer next day/Saturday delivery (as well as their numerous stores dotted around the country), so if you haven’t sorted your gift yet, get a move on and place your order today.

The Chef Dad

Whether your dad fancies himself the next Jamie Oliver or just enjoys the eating side of cooking, this section is for you. If he likes life behind the stove, you can’t really go wrong with a personalised chef hat (just add ‘world’s best dad’ is you’re really trying to grease him up). He may also enjoy his own personal set of BBQ tools, just in time for summer. If he’s more of an eater than a cooker, this Guinness Fudge is sure to go down as a tasty treat, or if he’s a bit of a risk-taker, he’ll definitely appreciate this selection of hot sauces (or not – we’ll soon find out!). While we’re talking about food, the mind automatically wanders to drink, but luckily you can cover that base too – this beer-making kit will allow your dad to make his own indie IPA that he’ll be testing on the whole family. You can also give him something to drink it from with this luxury tankard, promising to fit enough beer to keep him going. They do say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so it’s a sure fire way to show your dad he’s appreciated.

The Sporty Dad

Being active is more on trend than ever, and there’s a massive range of gifts out there if your dad is into his sports. If he enjoys monitoring his activity, and you’ve got the money to spare, a Fitbit watch will really impress him and become part of his everyday life (once you’ve taught him how to use it, that is). Fitbit are currently offering up to 50% off for Father’s Day too, so now is the perfect time to snap up your gift. If he’s a golfer, he can make his time on the course even more enjoyable with this personalised golf set, and if he’s a footballer, quench his thirst for knowledge with this football fact book. Of course, after all the hard work, he might need some relief for his aches and pains – this massage cushion is sure to be a godsend after a big session at the gym (or a rugby tackle gone wrong). Finally, if he’s more of a spectator than a player, you can make sure he’s got a reserved seat for all the important games with this cushion – he’ll never have to venture outside of the comfort of his home for his sporting fix ever again!

For the Action Dad

It’s commonly said that by putting money into experiences rather than material things, we can reap a lot more enjoyment. With that in mind, invest your money into a special experience for your dad this Father’s Day – and with many action-packed choices to keep him entertained, your dad will be feeling like the next Stallone in no time. One popular venture that has been popping up all over the UK are escape rooms. Essentially, you’re locked in a room with a number of clues to solve to get out. These rooms are surprisingly cheap, exciting and are more accessible than ever with venues opening in even the smallest of towns. Bond with your dad by getting locked inside a room and putting your heads together to escape (just don’t kill each other when the going gets tough!). It’s an experience to get the adrenaline going, and your dad is sure to love it – just have a search around for your nearest venue. Alternatively, you can buy experience packages for a range of different activities to suit whatever your dad is into. PrezzyBox offers a host of different experience days, ranging from driving experiences, stadium tours to wine tasting and bungee jumps. Get ready to get the blood-pumping and release your dad’s inner daredevil – he’ll thank you for it once it’s over and the nerves have calmed.

The All-Round Pleaser

As we get older, the reality is that our parents often fall to the back of our mind. In between work, socializing, hobbies, and whatever else takes your times, we often forget to check in with our families. While we’ve all been nagged by our mum to visit more often at some point, dads often won’t say they miss you – but, secretly, they probably do. So, instead of sending a gift in the post this year, set aside part of your day and give your dad your time. In my experience, dads are all about the simple things in life, and they seem to share a few common interests: namely, beer and food. Take your dad to your local pub for a drink and a classic Sunday roast, and just enjoy each other’s company. Many pubs and restaurants often offer special deals to mark the day, including freebies for dads, discounted courses and special menus, which can all help make your dad feel a little more appreciated. The chances are this is something they’ll cherish much more than a watch or bottle of aftershave – just be prepared to pay bar tab afterwards!

Have a brilliant Father’s Day, whether you’re a child or a dad yourself!