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“A modern day Elvis”: A Review of George Michael’s Freedom

On Christmas Day 2016, news hit the whole world that George Michael had passed away, aged 53. Almost ten months on, you would expect this news to have sunk in, but for his many fans and those who, like me,... Continue Reading →


10 Halloween Movies for Scaredy-Cats

When it comes to Halloween, there are a few things that are a given: dressing up in costumes, avoiding the trick-or-treaters at the door, eating too many sweets, a themed week on the X Factor and watching a really scary film. A... Continue Reading →

TV Shows to Binge-Watch This Autumn

There's not many bright sides to the weather getting colder, darker and more miserable as winter approaches: however, one benefit is that the undesirable weather outside gives you a perfect excuse to stay inside with a great TV show. Now... Continue Reading →

Hell Hath No Fury: A Review of Doctor Foster, Series 2

We all know the phrase 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned', but nothing demonstrates just how accurate it is like an episode of Doctor Foster. The first series became a surprise success in 2015 with the most simple... Continue Reading →

Ready, Set, Bake: A Review of the Great British Bake Off

Is there anything more quintessially English than the Great British Bake Off? For years it has taken the British love of biscuits, victoria sponge and eccentric bakers from even the most obscure areas of the country. And now, thanks to a... Continue Reading →

Winter is Coming: Nightwear for Cosy Sleeps

I have declared it: summer is over. Yes, it may only be September, but the cold weather has arrived, the nights have drawn back in and the countdown to Christmas has begun. However you feel about winter (and for most... Continue Reading →

Student Essentials for Every First Year

The wait before heading off to university is one of the most antagonising: you've received your accommodation offer and you're ready to experience life in a brand new city with brand new people. However, one conundrum lies ahead of every... Continue Reading →

Game of Thrones Series 7 Review: The Best Yet?

Last week, Game of Thrones put fans in a frenzy where it aired it's epic, 80-minute-long finale, marking the end of the penultimate season and potentially the last of the show until 2019. In recent years particularly, GoT has reached unknown popularity that many... Continue Reading →

Summer Songs from Yesteryear

I have previously written on this blog about how much music seems to play in our summers, whether it's at seeing your favourite band at a festival, dancing to old school classics on a night-out or just creating the ideal... Continue Reading →

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