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Stop the Love-Island Shaming

When, in many years time, we look back over summer 2018, we will remember fondly a time where the nation was gripped by three things: hot weather for more than a few days, England doing surprisingly well in the World... Continue Reading →


Festival Tips

If you love music, the chances are you've even attended or dreamed of attending a festival. Over the summer, festivals are the big things to attend: whether it's a small festival in your town, a big music festival like Glastonbury,... Continue Reading →

Summer’s Biggest Fashion Trends

Hello June! Yep, that's right - it's officially the summer. Say goodbye to cold nights and rain (well, as much rain) and say hello to sunshine and longer evenings. The start of summer means it's also time to say goodbye... Continue Reading →

Top Mini-Break Destinations

Have you got your summer holiday sorted? It's officially the time of year where we all dream about taking a few days off work and jetting off somewhere in the world - but, if you're not lucky enough to be... Continue Reading →

Netflix’s Latest Binge-watch: Safe

One thing is certain: Netflix is killing it at the moment. From making new original films with big-name stars to releasing some of the most talked-about shows out there, the streaming platform keeps on going from strength to strength, rivaling... Continue Reading →

Why I’ve Created a Bucket List

A 'bucket list' is defined as a list of things to do before you die. Perhaps because of it's focus on death - or moreover, making the most of life before death - the list is often associated with terminally-ill... Continue Reading →

An ode to strong female TV characters

In the age of #MeToo, Everyday Sexism and the backlash against the pay gap, if there's one thing that women are sick of, it's being treated unfairly due to their gender. While there's still a lot of work to be... Continue Reading →

Eurovision Party Tips

If you live in Europe, you'll know about Eurovision. It's a yearly event that sees countries from across Europe (and Australia too, for some reason) pick an artist to represent them at a huge singing content, where countries are pitted... Continue Reading →

Bank Holiday Cocktails

It's almost the May Day bank holiday, giving the majority of us an extra long weekend to enjoy. While a bank holiday itself is always a cause for a celebration, this is the first bank holiday of the summer (followed... Continue Reading →

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